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to be a administration cover up in the failures on the deaths of chris stevens and three others. lieutenant colonel andrew wood told cbs news that his request for beefed-up security was rejected by washington. the man in charge of all state department personnel is under patrick kennedy who held the job since 2007. fox news learned that the day after the attack kennedy privately briefed the staffers and told them it appears to be a sophisticated attack. but four days after that briefing, the u.s. ambassador susan rice offered a different narrative. she said rather that we don't see at this point that it was a coordinated premeditated attack. it was three days before any senior u.s. official stated that the benghazi incident was indeed a terrorist attack. >> the americans deserve the truth on what happened. you will find that the bits and pieces are coming out. we are both troubled by what we saw unfold. in the end the truth ought to be done and people ought to be held accountable if bad decisions were mad. >> the u.s. has obtained footage of when the attacks were actually underway. that should shed
when ambassador stevens lost his life he was torteured. >> i have reports that the body was torteured. it is not a pleasant thing to talk about. and seals that were there were not part of the security force and on a different mission and the seals run to the sound of fire. they did their job and duty and were great americans and unfortunately it was not a spontanous attack when ambassador rice said it was a spontanous even and our relationship with israel and never been better. that is misleading. our relationship with israel is strained . they are preparing to do a unilateral attack and our position over seas is dangerous and fragile. >> brian: we understand that intercepts show groups were talking to each other and bragging after the killing of four americans, including the ambassador and two navy seals and it makes it seem that an operation is under foot and it seems there is a special operation to go get these goys. would you support that? >> absolutely. you have to show leadership and policy of appeasement of apology doesn't work. our friends over seas understand strength and ame
. ambassador stevens move to the bathroom within the safe area which has a window. they try to open it but it doesn't help. there's just too much smoke. they drop to the floor trying to get air. even down there they can't breathe. they leave the safe haven and take their chances. they find another window grill they can open. this is the window the special agent jimmies open and crawls out of. stevens and smith do not crawl out after him. even though he can barely see barely breathe he goes back in. he goes back in and out several times. he can't find them. he is over come with smoke. he struggled up a small ladder to the roof of the building and collapses. he radios the other agents. another u.s. agent emerges from the tact kel operation center throwing a smoke grenade he moves to the small residence and gets the two agents there out. the three get into an armored vehicle parked nearby and drive a short distance to the large residence. they crawl into the residence on their hands and knees feeling their way through the building to try to find their two colleagues. they find smith, t
farewell chris stevens. by the dawn's early light. ♪ what so proudly we held. >> gretchen: hundreds including his sister paying respects in a memorial in frann fran. stevens and three other americans kill would in the tragic terrorist attack in benghazi. >> i saw the magic of the middle east through chris' wide optmistic eyes. i remember walking in a restaurant in cairo and the waiter said something to stevens. he translated when you walk in the whole room lights up. was that chris or the beauty of the arab language. >> gretchen: ambassador stevens was only 52 years old. >> brian: while the president tries to sell mitt romney as the bankruptcy cand date another company went bust. who is bankrupting the country? stewart varnny next. whole and stays whole. see the seam? more pcessed flakes look nothing like natural grains. i'm eating what i kn is better nutrition. mmmm. great grains. search great grains and see for yourself. new pink lemonade 5-hour energy? 5-hour energy supports the avon foundation for women breast cancer crusade. so i can get the energized feeling i need and support
of the aisle. >> brian: we listened to it on radio yesterday. it sounds like steven colbear or jon stewart it sounds like a total comedy nothing to do with either side. >> steve: they feature three people from wall street, evil villians. >> brian: madav and ken lay. >> steve: all indicted and dealt with by the bush administration. >> brian: i clicked on the wall street scandal cards. >> gretchen: one word. distraction. maybe that's why they are doing? >> brian: i whan you mean. i wasn't paying attention. >> gretchen: looking at your ties. >> steve: all for breast cancer awareness month. october. >> gretchen: let's get headlines. a man wearing a bullet-proof vest and flame retardant pants. arrested in the los angeles international airplane. he was stopped by custom agents after arriving from a flight from japan. they found smoke grenade and hatchet and body bag and knifes and more. he was heading home to boston. investigators are trying to figure out what he was to do with those things. did cia have a double agent inside of al-qaida. he is a former radicical. and he teamed up to the cia. st
shots, explosions have been heard, as well. ambassador stevens who is currently in benghazi an four personnel are in the safe compound haven. they are providing security support. this is before they knew the ambassador and three others had been killed. >> brian: they went to a safe house and then this came down. embassy claimed the group claimed responsibility and has called for an attack on embassy tripoli. they knew attacks were going to come there way. they knew they weren't be able to defend themselves. and here is vice chairman of the select intelligence committee. he has been asking these. state department has ignored the requests. he was listening to our show and heard it for the first time. he said this. >> we have been asking the state department for these specific e-mails for weeks now. they refused to give them to us at this point. we knew from the intelligence community that the group a claimed responsibility for the attack. now, does that mean they were responsible for it? you never know but they claim responsibility. so alshariea is an al-qaeda affiliate. so if not dir
it was panned by both sides of the aisle. disty.e tt o sou steven colbear or jon stewart it sounds like a total comedy nothing to do with either side. >> steve: they feature three peop from walleel b:dand lay. >> steve: all indicted and dealt with by the bush administration. >> brian: i clicked on the wall street scandal cards. >> gretchen: o word. diraction. maybe that's whyheyre do asatntou mn. >>tc lng your ties. >> steve: all for breast cancer awareness month. october. >> gretchen: let'set headlines. a man wearing a bullet-f stametnt s. teioaine he was stopped by custom agents after arriving from a flight from japan. tcandyagnd smoke gnade a es m asadg h to boston. investigators are trying to figure out what he was to do with those things. did cia have a double agent si of . a fr ric. an he teamed up to the cia. storm had close ties to the sy that president obama knew his name and he senl-aaki ust teac h th isomm the cia. >> brian: we heard there was somebody inside. >> gretchen: could the book close on affirmative action for college thupeme cea e a college. its around abigal fisher. and sa
of four americans including the death of ambassador stevens and our role in the middle east, not being an observer but an active participant . making foreign policy work for the united states. >> steve: you will see the next debate on foreign policy. since the debate debacle for the president they blamed everybody. blaming mitt romney for being a liar . blamed jimm lehrer and even the guy who prepared the president. john kerry. he wants to be secretary of state and so he didn't get in the president's face. there is an item apparently the obama staff knew 10 minutes before it was all over on wednesday night that it was a debacle and convened a conference call and decided to go after romney and hit on big bird and all new ads to have a come back. >> gretchen: apparently the adpeople stayed up all might to have an adto go right away. when president obama was in hollywood . he changed his stump speech. the role of foreign policy is at the end of the speech and he put it toward the front. that is in preparation for what we are going to hear a lot more about on october 16th when the two men
the rest of the head lineups for friday. one month after ambassador stevens was ciled. lawrence pope is the new charge of affairs. he will represent. pope retired 12 years ago and an ambassador to chad and political advisor for the special command and special operations in the middle east. governor mitt romney getting a spiritual boost from billy graham. >> reverend graham added he would do everything to help him. franklin graham has provided council to every president since harry frume an. we should know whether the body found in colorado. the body is not intact. jessica disappeared while walking to school. a body was found in the park sevenmiles fr where she was last seen. the winner of this year's nobel peace prize and the winner is not a person. who is it? >> the nobel peace prize is to be awarded to the european union. >> gretchen: i don't think people in the audience were happy about it. there were boos. and the decision despite the fact europe is facing a financial crisis. they praised the eu for peace and democracy in europe. >> brian: really? fantastic. they are at picking t
is working hard to exploit the issue. and in the bloomburg news, chris stevens' dad said he regretted that people were not trying to exploit. we should follow the lead of the ambassador's family and make the adjustmentings. >> wait a minute, david. wait a minute. this is the first u.s. ambassador that was killed since 1979. susan rice came on this show and five others and gave a story that was not true and you are saying we shouldn't discuss this and we should wait for the investigation to be completed. >> no, no. chris, calm down. that is obviously not what i am saying. >> there is proof it is not politics. people are serving over seas. >> brian: pressure on people saying no to them. you cant have the stars and moon and you realize i my life is in jeopardy. it is important to bring out it is not about politics when you come to other people. shawn smith who lost his life there, his mom, his mom said it is not just the american people who are not getting the full story, she is not either. listen to what she said. >> did the president speak to you personally about what happened to your
, the warnings by our ambassador, chris stevens, the last message he wrote before he was murdered was talking about the security requirements that were necessary. why didn't the president of the united states know with it? maybe it was one of the briefings that he didn't attend. but the point is the president should have known about it, action should have been taken. then during an obviously there is information that the c.i.a. people were ordered to stand down three times and then afterwards, of course, that's really where i think the people are infuriated. to go out and say something that was totally false, totally false. there was no mob. there was no demonstration. and these surveillance information that you talk about both from the drone and they got them from the consulate, they're now classified as top secret. we've asked for those. congress has a right to know. the american people have a right to know. >> gretchen: they do. but unfortunately, they may not know 'til november 15 when the hearings start and that is ten days after the election. senator john mccain -- >> i can just tell yo
attack in benghazi. the personal body guard for ambassador christ chris stevens so far away, he had to dash across the compound under gun fire. witnesses say attackers hit all three entrance at the consulate at the same time. they also identified the attackers as members of ansar al-shariah, known islamist militant. those are your headlines. now time to bring in dana perino and finds out the real reason she was sticking out her tongue. >> i'm tired. [ laughter ] >> steve: just like that. >> i was being a brat. >> steve: that's okay. let's talk to you about what the story that the administration has had regarding what gretchen was just talking about with the attacks on our consulate where four americans were murdered. in the beginning they said because of that movie, spontaneous. within 24 hours, they knew that it was terrorism connected perhaps to an al-qaeda affiliate. and we've had mayor rudy guiliani on. we just had lieutenant colonel allen west on the channel. they both say there has been a cover-up on the part of the white house. >> it certainly is very curious that if they kne
, the al-qaeda conspiracy to kill ambassador stevens and the three brave hero colleagues in benghazi. so they are getting -- the libyans have a pretty fair idea of who did this. >> brian: you like the pace of this? >> the pace of it is frustrating. i am bitterly frustrated by the snail's pace of it. but you know, they did not want to compound the tragedy by sending the f.b.i. in there and getting one of them snagged or one of them killed. >> steve: there were documents all overt floor! >> the cnn reporters and others did a fine job of going through the remains there and taking ambassador stevens' notebook and everything else and so forensically, the site has already been compromised to a great extent. but the investigation is proceeding. we know and will know who did this. the question then becomes much more complex, what do you do about it? now you have this bubble, pro-american sentiment in libya. you have the anti-militia demonstrations going on. how do we attack now the people who did this to our people without turning that -- >> gretchen: so many unanswered questions because it was
were not members of chris stevens' security team. they were a half mile away from the consulate and had to respond to calls for help. will they ever get the true hero status they deserve or will it take a back seat to politics? the host of "justice," judge jeanine per rose joins us now. >> good morning. happy birthday. >> steve: thank you very much. >> ali: why is the real story of where they were so important? >> it's important for several reasons. it continues the false narrative of the white house and the president by saying that these guys were involved in the security of the ambassador, suggests we had more security there and therefore, we weren't at fault and we were on top of our game. but it gets worse. the president's narrative is then compounded by susan rice who specifically says that these two guys were there to provide security to the ambassador. >> steve: they weren't. >> they were not. that is false. and this weekend on my show, i've got an exclusive from someone who was a former seal member, a teammate of glenn dougherty who says they absolutely were not there. in fact,
live the life of a coward. >> brian: the administration said listen to the family of ambassador stevens when they say don't politicalize. if you care about the stevens' family shouldn't you care about the woods. >> his son defied stand down order say i am run toth sound of the guns. that's what seals are taught to do. not stand idly by. any american under attack we would want to say this is our ambassador and clear attack and 9/11. he's told to stand down. a navy seal who said forget i will drive ahead. it is a tand down foreign policy where it is appease we don't want terously feathers and we have dead americans. >> brian: your contact list is full of people who serve. what is the reaction? >> why didn't we use the assets availablitous. spector gun ships stationed 400 miles away in italy that could provide help. and operators on the roof and using lazers to identify where the mortar teem and drones watching the entire thing to develop. technology was there to cut through the war and act. it is pier one operators who could have dealt with complex situation. go after the mortar teem and
. look, this is serious stuff. chris stevens' diary clearly indicated he was concerned. apparently there was some 13 warnings about the security there. but the most outrageous thing, my dear friends, is that five days after it was clear that this was a terrorist attack with mortars and rocket propelled grenades, they trotted out the u.n. ambassador who said this is a spontaneous demonstration bread by a hateful video. now, that is one of the most disgraceful performances i have ever seen. first year cadet at west point would have told you that that was -- you know, there is -- people sitting around benghazi, grab your mortar, honey, we're going to a spontaneous demonstration. >> gretchen: but senator, looking ahead then to these next debates, i don't know if the president will have it any better off because foreign policy, when we start talking about this, when mitt romney starts talking about it or the moderator, there is going to be a lot of questions to answer and it may be the first time that the president is forced to answer questions about libya. >> well, he did answer questi
on the ground in danville, kentucky right now, steve brown. he's got a preview. steven? >> i certainly do. we have at least half of the participants already in ken condition. the republican nominee, paul ryan, arrived yesterday afternoon. we are told his debate preparation has included watching the previous debate that joe biden was involved with as a vice presidential nominee, the 2008 debate with him and then republican nominee sarah palin. also watching some of joe biden's appearances on the sunday morning talk shows to kind of get an idea of how he operates in those kind of live formats. biden himself will not be arriving here in kentucky until sometime around the noon hour eastern time. we have had very little word about what his debate preps are like, other than he's been engaged in them. paul ryan does believe, however, in this scenario, based on experience, that biden has the upper hand. >> joe biden has been on the stage many times. this is my first time. so sure, it's a nervous situation because joe biden is one of the most experienced debaters we have in modern politics, but the ac
. we are live in the jamaica section of queens. back to you. >> steve: commissioner steven rogers is a former senior naval officer who worked for the joint terrorism task. >> this is a great testimony to the f.b.i., new york city department and intelligence agencies world wide. astounding how they were able to set up the operation and get enough evidence to make sure he is in the slammer forever. >> brian: this 21 year old who goes on facebook and something out there attractive by the f.b.i. plant that made him think i will dry him. how did they weave through it to make the f.b.i. agent attractive to terrorist. >> these are complex assignments that our intelligence agents have. two types of intelligence that started with electronic intelience or human intelligence. i believe someone passed information on to the f.b.i. and bingo, they targeted him. >> gretchen: they waited to arrest him until hoe was driving the van and pressing the cell phone in a hotel and trying to level the building. they didn't make the arrest before that time. why is it important to wait until he has finger o
. >> brian: magnitude of this is cover up? >> magnitude is cover up. it is horrible that ambassador stevens and three navy seals with him died. it is equally horrible that the president of the united states will not let us know what happened because it is it on the eve of a presidential election which he will probably lose anyway. >> brian: judge napolitano, we'll talk about this again tomorrow. on the run down in the second hour. massive fire in breezy point, queens x. water rushing in the battery tunnel. we are every angle covered at the top of the hour and beyond. e to eat it as part of your heart healthy diet. step 1. eat the soup. all those veggies and beans, that's what may help lower your cholesterol and -- well that's easy [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. >> gretchen: obviously we have extreme weather to tell you about. unfortunately these two words are at the top, death and destruction. this morning in the wake of hurricane sandy, storm leaving 16 people dead, entire towns under water, buildings on fire and millions in the dark. >> brian: we have every angle
Search Results 0 to 35 of about 36 (some duplicates have been removed)